How to Boost Your Immune System

I write this with the utmost urgency and concern for you, and everyone in America and our world. My intent is to offer hope and direction to anyone who is uninformed and currently afraid because they do not have all the facts about the coronavirus, what a virus is, how it spreads, what causes in infection, and how to naturally prevent and treat any virus. By no means does this information circumvent any directives from the CDC and other health authorities. Its purpose is to educate you about viral infections and offer tips that can help make you immune and keep your immune.

I am not a doctor. Instead, I am a clinical nutritionist who has spent a lifetime studying human health and human nutrition. Much of my focus has been on discovering the cause, prevention, and natural treatment for all types of diseases, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and illness.

As I write these words, I do not wish to appear cavalier or flippant about the coronavirus or America’s health crisis. I take my own health, the health of my family, friends, employees, and the health of all my brothers and sisters on this planet very seriously. Let me be very clear from the start. I care about you. I care about your family. And I do not come from fear. Instead, I come from a deep understanding that I have attained from a lifetime of studying the cause of good health. And most importantly, I do my best to always practice what I preach.

My focus today is on the coronavirus which is the latest mutated virus that is spreading around the world and has begun to infiltrate America.

Let’s look at some facts:

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), during the 2018-2019 influenza season, they estimated there were more than 135.5 million influenza-related illnesses, including more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths reported. Older adults age 65 and above accounted for 75% of the deaths indicating what we already know…that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to severe outcomes from an influenza viral infection. Interesting to note, even though about 35,000 people in the US die of the flu every year, I don’t recall any panic last flu season, or the year before that, or the year before that.

No matter what crisis you are facing, fear is the first thing you must avoid. DO NOT let your mind run wild; believing the worst and expecting the worst. Instead, focus on the facts, think positive thoughts, affirm verbally to yourself every day that you and your loved ones are healthy and bulletproof to ill health, disease, viral infections, and the coronavirus. Be kind, be loving, be caring. If we are in the midst of a global virus, we need to unite, bond together, support each other, share, give, and pray for everyone’s health and wellbeing. God has everything under control and He will offer you guidance if you turn to Him and ask for help…and listen for His answer. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Fear is the cloud that blocks us from knowing the truth.


It is good to know just how a virus lives, dies and spreads. Just to be clear, your body already may contain a wide variety of viruses. Plus, every day you may be exposed to countless other viruses. An example of an internally existing virus is the herpes virus that lies dormant in individuals who previously contracted chickenpox, which is caused specifically by the herpes zoster virus. After an individual recovers from chickenpox, the herpes virus lies dormant in the body until the immune system is lowered, at which time the person may develop oral herpes (a cold sore), shingles, genital herpes, Epstein-Barr, or all of the above.


A healthy immune system is your best defense against infections. A healthy immune system is capable of producing optimum white blood cells and healthy cell walls that can keep viruses in check.

Viral infections are the most contagious by contact for 2-3 days but sometimes they can be contagious for up to two weeks. Unless you live in isolation, chances are you are being exposed to a wide variety of viruses every day of your life. While washing your hands, practicing good hygiene, and avoiding large crowds may assist you in sidestepping viral infections and infectious diseases, hand washing, cleanliness, and isolation may not be enough. To become immune to illness, including viral infections, you must pay close attention to what you eat, what supplements you take, how you live, and what you think.


Protein is critical for keeping your immune system strong and preventing a viral infection. Lysine is an essential amino acid that is especially rich in dairy products (especially whey protein) and beef. It is also rich in fish, meats, and eggs. Lysine is also high in milk, cheese, and other dairy products. 

Lysine is critical for stopping the spread of viral infections because the integrity of the cell depends on lysine, vitamin C, and a few other key nutrients. If lysine levels are low in your body (from not eating enough protein foods rich in lysine or not having enough vitamin C), a virus can easily spread because the cell walls are deficient and permeable. A deficiency in lysine can be caused by not consuming enough lysine-rich foods or from eating too many foods that are high in arginine.


Nuts and peanuts are high in arginine and low in lysine. Arginine is the antagonist amino acid to lysine, which means those two amino acids compete for absorption. If you are eating a lot of nuts and peanuts, the arginine in those foods can crowd out lysine and the result is a lysine deficiency. Millions suffer each year with cold sores. A cold sore is just an outbreak of the herpes virus on the lips or around the mouth. To avoid ever getting a cold sore, you simply limit your nut and peanut intake and consume lysine-dominant foods, such as whey protein (especially high in lysine and low in arginine), cheese, milk (unless you are dairy sensitive or lactose intolerant), egg white protein, eggs, fish, and beef. You can also supplement your diet with additional lysine (and buffered vitamin C), which is something I personally do and so does my family.

The same applies to other viruses. Keep your intake of lysine and C optimum and reduce or eliminate foods high in arginine and lower in lysine.



To boost your defenses and prevent a viral infection, I suggest taking 1000mg of the amino acid lysine along with 500mg buffered vitamin C. Why lysine and vitamin C? Because if your body is deficient in lysine or vitamin C (or both) your cell walls become weakened and any virus can begin traveling freely in your body. If your cell walls are strong from supplementing with lysine and vitamin C (and eating a calorie adequate healthy diet rich in both), your cells become “armor-plated” and hard to penetrate by an invading virus.


To boost your immune system, supplement your diet with the following:

  1. 1000mg lysine twice daily with a meal
  2. 500mg buffered vitamin C twice daily with a meal


Your second line of defense against viruses, infections, bugs, and parasites (and when I say “parasites” I am including some people who can be negative and toxic) is to master your own mind. Your immune system first begins with the mind. By this I mean, what you think and subconsciously believe is what you get in life. In other words, if you believe you will become ill, are prone to disease, or are struggling with your health, your cells and the universe will move in that direction. If you feel well, healthy, strong, fit, and bulletproof, your cells and the universe will move in that direction.

To master your own mind and keep it from creating fear, anxiety, and emotional distress, I suggest meditating daily for 20 minutes. Find a quiet place to sit. Get comfortable, sit up straight, set a timer for 20 minutes, relax, and count your breaths from 1-10, with one complete inhale and exhale counting as one breath. Once you reach 10, start back to 1 and repeat, going from 1-10 over and over again. If you lose count, start back to 1 and keep counting.

I also suggest to limit or avoid watching the news, which can sometimes paint a grim picture of circumstances that can affect you in a stressful way. TV news outlets are in the business of making money from advertising. The more viewers they have, the more they can charge per minute for an advertisement. If a news outlet professes shocking news, they often get more viewers, which drives up revenue. Spin the news with a lot of opinions, speculation, and persuasive speech and you can get a very lopsided view of the actual situation. Social media should also be limited because there can be a lot of angry, negative, or fear-inspiring talk out there. And be careful what you read each day. In other words, be careful of individuals and the media that often like to “spin” the truth to make it fit their own narrative and agenda. I find it best to simply visit the CDC’s website for factual updates on the coronavirus or any other health concerns. Here is the CDC page for influenza stats:


  1. Meditate for 20 minutes each day
  2. Avoid or limit the news and all media
  3. Use careful scrutiny on anything you are reading.


When it comes to human nutrition, there are two main camps that are on opposite ends of the dietary spectrum. One camp believes that fat is the problem child and that fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains are the main foods to consume while limiting all fatty foods. On the other end of the spectrum are those that believe carbs are the problem child and suggest eating a low-carb high-fat diet. Who is right? You must determine that for yourself. Both have valid points. For me, when it comes to which diet is ideal, the proof is always in the pudding.

Over the past 40 years, I have experimented extensively with low-carb high-fat diets and with high-carb low-fat diets. From all my experiments, I have concluded that the body’s fuel of choice is fat, not carbohydrate. For the most part, fat is a far better fuel than carbs and for this reason, I lean toward a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. I also feel that periodically we can indulge in a higher carb intake. On those higher carb days, the extra carbs don’t convert to fat. Instead, those carbs load into your muscles and liver as glycogen. I call this way of eating, The Fat Burning Diet. On my diet, you burn fat most of the time, but it is not keto because I allow carbs to be cycled in periodically and appropriately.

In my professional experience, a higher-fat diet is the best way to eat most of the time because it provides a very stable source of energy which causes less stress to your body. When you eat a high-starch or high-carb diet, those carbs are converted to sugar in your body and your body produces insulin to manage those carbs. Insulin stops you from burning fat and forces your body to burn sugar almost exclusively. Eating a diet of mostly fat and protein can provide more stable energy, cause very little insulin to be produced, help fuel your cells, cause less stress to your body, and help end brain fog, anxiety, and mood swings.

Eat foods high in lysine and low in arginine. Fish, meat, eggs, whey protein, and dairy products are all excellent sources. Whey protein is exceptionally high in lysine and low in arginine and therefore is always great to use daily. Egg white protein is lower in lysine than whey protein, but still a good source. Vegan proteins are often lower in lysine and higher in arginine. The key to boosting the immune system is to pump up your lysine intake while lowering your arginine intake. Nuts and peanuts are high in arginine and low in lysine. For this reason, I suggest limiting the intake of nuts and seeds and upping your intake of lysine-rich foods.

I also suggest eating only two meals a day to further adapt your body to burn fat readily, get used to infrequent eating, and to allow your body to clean house by wave cleansing your stomach and small intestines. When you hear your tummy growl, that is the sound your tummy and small intestine make when they are cleaning house. Never consume your first meal of the day until your tummy is rumbling. Internal cleanliness is a great way to prevent viral infections, any kind of an infection, or ill-health.


You will know you are eating properly when your poops become perfect, which means they are easy to pass, have no foul odor, and require no toilet paper to clean up after (a quick check wipe will show you it was a “Perfect Poop”).


  1. Begin eating lower-carb meals each day to allow your body to burn fat
  2. Limit sweets, junk food, candy, sugary soft drinks, and fast food
  3. Eat only two meals a day to help your body clean house
  4. Let your bowel movements prove that you are eating the perfect diet


Get outside as much as possible into fresh air and sunshine, both of which help purify and boost your immune system. To get adequate vitamin D, do not use sunscreen for the first 30 minutes of sunlight exposure if you are naturally light-skinned, and avoid sunscreen for an hour or two if your skin is medium dark and three or more hours if your skin is very dark. Why the different exposure times? Dark skin is nature’s sunscreen. If you always use sunscreen, your body may not have time to create enough vitamin D, nor will it ever naturally adapt to being in the sun. This will cause you to become dependent on the use of sunscreen while causing you to become vitamin D deficient.

None of this is politically correct, but it is factual and is information you need to know to be healthy and build a strong immune system. When sunlight strikes unprotected skin (no clothing or sunscreen), it converts the cholesterol on your skin to vitamin D. Twenty to 40 percent of Americans may be deficient in vitamin D. The cure? Regular sunbathing with sunlight striking unprotected skin.

This is all for today’s post. I will offer more tips and immune-boosting secrets in future posts.

Peace, love, and hang loose brothers and sisters. We are all in this together and love is the glue that bonds us for eternity.

Jay Robb
"The Guru Of Peace"

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