The Hang Loose Book

Hang loose, two words I utter frequently, often accompanied by the hang loose hand gesture, as a reminder to everyone I meet to stay chill and go with the flow. Hang Loose is the nucleus of my life, my teachings, my website, my clothing line, and my Peace Movement, a movement that starts from within. As I often say, “The world will always be the same. Big fish eat little fish. The sun shines. Crops grow. Weather changes. People tell the truth. People lie. People fight. People fall in love. Flowers bloom. Flowers wither. Nothing stays the same. How you perceive the world is the key to hanging loose in life. Peace on Earth is really peace of mind.

If you are feeling a bit uptight, anxious, depressed, or fearful, then it is time for you to hang loose and start lovin’ life. If you want to experience Peace of Mind, perhaps for the first time in your life, then you are going to love my new book, Hang Loose. And the best part is that the book is FREE as a gift from me to you!

To get my Hang Loose book FREE, all you need to do is join my Hang Loose Peace Movement (It’s FREE). Peace and love. —The G.O.P.

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